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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy on the use of Photo Catalog

1. General Information
App Photo Catalog is developed to simplify the search of the stored objects. It's set of photos with of your things with brief description (tags) for easy and fast searching.

2. Terms and conditions
This app has not any age limit

Having installed the application, the user accepts the described rules on this page automatically.

3. Data collection
App Photo Catalog does not collect any personal information.
The camera is only used for creating photo cards. All photos are stored on the user's device.

At the discretion of the user, he/she may exchange the photos by sending them with the help of another services.

Access to phone state uses to receive the cards on the device.

4. Data Security
All data stored on the user’s device. The user takes on the responsibility to keep the data.

At the discretion of the user, the program Photo Catalog allows user to make a backup of cards with photo and send them to the another file storage services.

5. Contact details
If you have problems or questions, you may contact us by e-mail
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