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Discounts, bonuses, gifts and cooperation. Part 3.

In the previous articles, we looked at the benefits of using a single bonus-gift system (Part 1), and on simple examples showed who and how can apply these ideas (Part 2). In this article we will take a closer look at the advantages of a single bonus-gift system running the "Server Positive" software.

Easy implementation without changing the usual management software.

We all have our established habits, our favorite things, routes, actions, brought to automatism, "habitual software" (TM) that recurs from day to day. "Habitual software" is most convenient. During the work it is well studied from all sides. "Habitual software" is already "fine-tuned" by programmers under our requirements, or we adapted our algorithms to the features of "the habitual software."

Given the nature of the person, our developers have tried to create a system that does not require the abandonment of "habitual software" and works complementing it. Depending on the specific case, one of the options for organizing the interaction of the "habitual software" with the "Server Positive" can be chosen:

  • direct interaction of "habitual software" with the "Server Positive" using an open API server. The programmer from the side of "habitual software" will create such interaction without special difficulties. Our developers have already created interaction with the ticket-entrance system, the automatic photographing system and the restaurant system;
  • Interaction conducted with the use of the free Windows client "Server Positive". Sometimes it is not possible to organize direct interaction. The reasons can be different. For example, the connection with the developer of "habitual software" is lost. There may be other reasons. But it is not important. For such cases, we have prepared a free Windows client "Server Positive". It fully provides all the functions of interaction with the "Server Positive", and the connection with the "habitual software" is carried out by exporting / importing certain data provided in the "habitual software" ways. In this way our programmers provided interaction with other restaurant and store systems.


In some cases it will be absolutely impossible to organize any interaction with the "habitual software" or it simply does not exist. In this case, the Windows client of the "Server Positive" can independently provide its work. It can be installed on a computer, laptop, netbook or tablet.


Work with automatic devices.

In the world of robots, which are increasingly entering our lives and are already storming distant planets, interaction with automata becomes mandatory. We could not stay away and prepared special controllers on the basis of which it is possible to create various automatic machines under the control of the software "Server Positive", or to ensure the interaction of existing machines with the server. Our controllers can control:

  • automatic machines for controlling / replenishing the balance
  • slot machines
  • automatic dispensers of goods / services,
  • automatic devices controlling movement.

Using controllers running the "Server Positive" software, it is possible to organize work, for example, playgrounds for children's slot machines, a billiard table in a cafe, automatic dispenser of drinking water in the water park and much more. In this way, without particular difficulties, it is possible to integrate all (or almost all) necessary points for customer service.

Low cost of launching the loyalty system.

To optimize the investments of our clients, we offer two options for working with the "Server Positive" software: purchase or subscription fee (rent).

With the subscription option, we host the server in the "cloud" and connect to it the outlets of different enterprises, united by a common goal - to increase their sales. Subscription fee is paid for its usage.

In the purchase option, one company buys the "Server Positive" software and connects its outlets and the points of its partners. The server can be located both in the "cloud" and in the local network, depending on the tasks.

For big business with a large number of transactions the purchase of software "Server Positive" is more beneficial option because the cancelation of discounts and the increase in sales volumes will quickly pay off the investment. And for few small businesses subscription fee may be more profitable option. In addition, the purchase decision can be made after any time of operation in the subscription payment option.

Sharp increase of potential customers for each enterprise.

In the previous article we talked about how using the software "Server Positive", customers of one enterprise are additionally becoming potential customers of other enterprises. Our long experience of cooperation with water parks confirms that not all visitors are using additional services in the territory. At each outlet, an average 10% of those people entering the water park make purchases. A small number of people have time to take advantage of several additional offers. But pay attention - for any single outlet, out of people who walk at arm's length, only 10% make a purchase and 90% do not!!! All we need is to stimulate to buy a small part of 90% and we will see a growth in sales at times. And for this it is necessary to cancel all discounts, at each step the buyer should count bonuses and give correctly selected gifts from other outlets. The gift is chosen that way so that when the client receives it he wants to buy more, and to use bonuses he needs to pay a little bit :) It is important that unused gifts and bonuses cannot be taken away. At the exit from the water park, they are reset.

Outside the isolated territories (amusement parks, shopping centers), the behavior of an ordinary person is not very different. It is known that every day a person repeats his usual route. Remember how many outlets are located on your daily route. Shops, cafes, service points. And in how many of them have you never been? And why? And what about points located on the next street? And two blocks from your usual route? Can I get you to visit any of these outlets? Yes, it is possible. To do this, you need to be given a valuable gift or accrue tangible bonuses. And for your own profit, you will come to the outlet. This psychology is used by supermarkets. From their entire range of goods, they choose one or two positions, make for these positions a ve-e-e-ry low price and advertising throughout the city. If you react and come, you would buy a lot more, but at regular prices. What happened? A good gift was made for you and to pick it up you came to the store. You were a client of the fish department (they advertised a low price for fish) but became a potential client of all the other departments and paid a check in half a meter at the checkout counter. This is how big businesses can act. Small businesses for playing on these strings of the human psyche need to combine their efforts under the management of the software "Server Positive".

Great variety of different schemes that allow to influence the behavior of customers.

Ability to change and adjust work schedules quickly depending on changes in external factors.

The structure of the software "Server Positive" is designed in such a way that matrixes of outlets, counters and a set of permissions interact in it. The result of these interactions is the ability for the system administrator to promptly create trading rules for trading points in settlements with customers. Using these rules, the sales point motivates its customers and at the same time creates incentives for visiting the following outlets operating under the "Server Positive" software.

The system administrator describes the rules based on the results of the preliminary agreement between the managing trade outlets. Arrangements, and therefore rules, can be optimized as new information becomes available and the success of the system or the emergence of new ideas among participants is analyzed. No restrictions on creativity exist, except the need to monitor so that the new rules do not logically conflict with the old ones.

Transparency and simplicity of administration.

During the operation of the single bonus-gift system under the control of the "Server Positive" software, the system accumulates the obligations of the participants to each other. The first participant in the calculation with the client grants the right to a gift, which is handed to the client by the second participant and simultaneously gives the right to a gift, which the third, etc., must provide. As a result, at the end of an arbitrary period (for example, the end of the water park operation), the task arises to calculate who to whom and how much should give among the N participants. In addition, the scheme of work should exclude the abuse of trust among the participants, when one of its customers simply gives out gifts / bonuses, and all the rest are given these gifts / bonuses. Therefore, in the software "Server Positive" applies the scheme of the obligations of the outlet before the settlement node (most often the server owner) at the moment of charging the gift / bonus to the customer and the obligations of the settlement node before the outlet at the time of writing off the gift / bonus to the customer.

At the end of the period, it's enough to run one of the server reports in order to see the final result. Other reports will create the opportunity to analyze the work of the outlet, the cashier, obtain statistics on attendance, etc. For convenience, reports can be automatically sent to participants by e-mail.


Here ends a short description of the technology. The rest could be discoursed in "personal messages" (C).

By the way, we invite dealers.

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